About Us

We are Sir Frederick Banting high school’s FIRST Robotics Team, founded in 2015. We are driven by our passions for STEM and business, and our never-ending search for new challenges. Our team consists of 2 staff members, as well as, a growing team of students from grades 9-12. Our goal for the 2015-2016 season is to make it to World’s in St. Louis in our Rookie Year and win the Rookie All Star award.

Our team is made up of many different people. Every member is different from each other; some are nerds, some are athletes, some are business-minded, but all are welcome and accepted. Every person has a job and plays an essential part in the outcome of the team.

We would not have accomplished everything we have today, if it wasn’t for every member on our team.


The FIRST Robotics organization aims to promote the importance of science and technology to a young audience by granting them experience through friendly competition. FIRST believes that the best way to motivate and inspire youth is by celebrating their accomplishments; success gives them faith in their own abilities, while failure motivates them to try again. FIRST also believes that by indirectly training students in scientific and technologically-based fields, they promote innovation and drive our society forwards, ensuring a good future for our children.

FIRST hopes that their competitions will grant students important skills for their professional lives in the future, such as, but not limited to, co-operation, respect for volunteerism, professionalism, and learning abilities. By asking students to work with a large team in order to accomplish the task of building a robot from scratch, FIRST believes that students will become better team players, allowing them to accept other ideas, motivate others, and in general, co-operate in the workplace with ease later in life. By attending FIRST competitions and admiring the fact that all was put together by unpaid volunteers, students are to gain a respect for working just to be helpful, encouraging them to be more active in the community. As respect for other teams’ efforts is strongly encouraged at competitions, FIRST hopes that students will become willing to learn from and to support their competitors, becoming better people in the process. Finally, by asking students to create a robot, a task which likely many students have not yet taken on, FIRST encourages them to discover how to access their resources in order to teach themselves the skills they require, indirectly teaching them how to learn.

The FIRST Robotics organization knows that society can only improve if they put students first. They offer valuable experience to students, and by implementing their values and learning goals, ensure that each student has a chance to succeed.