Sponsor League of Logic

League of Logic is a FIRST robotics team based in London, Ontario. Our students are part of an extra circular activity that allows them to compete in an international robotics competition. By sponsoring our team, you are helping students from all ages aspire to their dreams. Your contributions will ensure that students are given the opportunity to explore and go into STEM fields in the future. FIRST students see the importance of maintaining an interest in science and technology, as well as creating opportunities for others to have access to all the same resources.

Financial Support Involvement Levels

Honourable mention on team’s website.

Logo or company name, as well as links where appropriate, added to team’s website.

Visibility on pit screens & Copper benefits.

Visibility on T-shirts & Bronze benefits.

Visibility on robot & Silver benefits.

Name of company included in team name & Gold benefits.

Why Sponsor Us

Our students and volunteers work up to 30 hours a week building, designing and programming. We bring our community together through STEM promotions and events. Unfortunately, competitions are not cheap. Registration costs can be over $6,000, not to mention the cost of parts, trip and business expenses, and maintenance. All these costs add up; a team requires at least $10,000 to work comfortably and grow to their full potential.

In exchange for sponsorship’s, our team provides advertisement benefits and opportunity. Based on your level of sponsorship, FIRST will allow for huge amounts of national exposure. Logos on our robot, links, logos and your name on our website, and logos on team shirts are all possible. Your name has the potential to reach over a hundred thousand students, mentors, and fans. At the national level, the competition is held in St. Louis, Missouri in the Edward James Dome. There are approximately 2,300 international teams, all from diverse backgrounds and origins, plus 100,000 mentors and volunteers. Not to mention, that through internet and television, the competition is broadcast live across the world. This allows our sponsors’ names to gain an unimaginable amount of exposure on an international scale.