League of Logic


Robotics for Everyone

Robotics For Everyone

We are a not-for-profit high school FIRST Robotics team tasked with building a 100lb robot for a worldwide competition each year.

What is FIRST?

FIRST Robotics is a high school robotics competition in which schools worldwide compete in games ranging from defending a castle to robot soccer.

Who are We?

Team 5870, League of Logic, is one of London's top robotics teams, based out of Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School. We were founded in 2012 and have won numerous awards, with many more to come!


Students gain engineering and programming experience they would usually only have after university! Many students end up pursuing STEM and working for our former team sponsors. We also do STEM community outreach to local elementary schools and youth organizations.

We Need your Help!

Other teams are funded by Google, NASA or the US Department of Defense (no, seriously!), but we rely on sponsors like you to make this amazing opportunity possible. It costs upwards of $35,000 to purchase robot parts and register for competition. Every dollar helps!
⦿ Invest in tomorrow’s engineering leaders
⦿ Possible exposure to millions of passionate students, industry professionals
⦿ Receipts for tax deduction

Ready to Make a Difference?